Medical Mission for RCCG March 2018 Solemn Assembly

The Concept

As Nigerians who are licensed and certified medical and allied health professionals, a lot of us have become authorities in our field/specialty and remained so for years. We have made our skills, knowledge and abilities available to other countries, particularly in the Western World, while our motherland languishes from lack of the same. Let us partner to donate time, money and our abilities to provide Nigeria cutting edge medical care with the latest equipment in state-of-the-art facilities.

The Opportunity

Engage in medical mission trips with reduced overhead costs and increased customer satisfaction at the destination through partnership with a strong ally. The intended ally has decades of experience with acute medical care and, is not only boots on the ground but also has passionate commitment to the cause and, financial matching power. This ally has agreed through previous discussions to bringing into existence a state-of-the-art medical facility as part of a health village. That way, the clients have access to a medical and research center at little or no cost to them depending on their financial ability.

The Potential

  • Proposed scheduling of mission trips is three times a year every year.
  • Building on an established foundation
  • Training local medical and allied health personnel with existing passion and commitment to the desired outcome
  • Nigerians no longer have to die from treatable or manageable causes.


Project Tasks:

Seeking highly skilled Nigerian medical professionals to partner as RCCG Medical Professionals who will work with the General Overseer of RCCG and his wife to raise the standard of health care delivery in Nigeria to the standard maintained in North America ---Proposed initial schedule is for March 2018 (1st week), August 2018 (1st + 2nd weeks) & Dec 2018 (2nd week) ---Currently sourcing interest for the first tentative trip in March 2018 ---Total headcount of those interested for 1st week of March 2018 needed by Dec 15, 2017
Health Screening – PSA, Cholesterol, DM, HTN, Glaucoma, Dental screening, etc. ---Train the Trainers – NRP, ACLS, ATLS, BLS, PALS, ALSO ---Disaster Preparedness ---Refresher courses for trainers ---Development of protocols ---Treat some acute illnesses & some chronic illnesses in collaboration with local medical team(s)
Donate and contribute towards the medical equipment for the clinic and research center ---Organize fund raisers for this objective.


  • Donations

  • volunteers

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